The English Evergreens

One of the things I’ve had to grapple with when it came to deciding to make a blog was to do with my actual work. It seems silly that I would have a website that would have no writing on at all. It would be like a painter or photographer running their own blog and not using a single image. Yet, what could I share here?

You see, the very best things I write I’d like to try and publish. The less good stories, the failed attempts, I don’t want to share at all. Which doesn’t leave me with much left over! Still, I think a writer’s blog should have actual writing and so I shall be posting things over on my ‘Free Writing’ page. What type of things? Work which I like but no one seems to want to publish. Works which I think are good but even I know are unpublishable. And stories and poems which I like but simply don’t want to publish at all, but rather just share.

This first story is of the latter category. It was written on Tuesday, 12th January 2016. Only today have I come back to edited the rawness I wrote. Some people will figure out what it’s about instantly, and I hope you enjoy it. Some of you might have no idea, and hopefully it is still enjoyable, rather than incoherent. There will be a comment sections for every story and poem I post, so please, let me know what you think.

Please click through to read The English Evergreens. 

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