Nomination Time! – Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2020

I can’t quite bring myself to write an eligibility post for awards like the Hugos yet, however in New Zealand, we have the Sir Julius Vogel Awards for science fiction and fantasy. It’s nominating season right now, and I have some work I’m proud of, which is also eligible to be nominated. “Inheritance”, published in Aurealis #124 is one of my favourite stories ever and it was also featured in Tangent Online’s Recommended Reading list for 2019. I’m also very proud of “Proof of Concept” in NewMyths #49.

If you enjoyed these stories as well and think they’re deserving of recognition, please feel free to nominate them for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards at the following link (anyone from around the world can nominate):

It doesn’t take long, but to help you out, I’ve collected the information you need below:

Title of Work: Inheritance

Author: James Rowland

Category: Best Short Story

Publisher: Aurealis / Chimera Publications

Other Information: Aurealis #124


Title of Work: Proof of Concept

Author: James Rowland

Category: Best Short Story

Publisher: New Myths Publishing

Other Information: New Myths #49


I am also eligible (for probably two more years I think?) for Best New Talent. If you are minded to nominate me for that, I am incredibly touched and grateful.

If you know my email address, feel free to add it as Contact Information in the form when nominating for anything. I just don’t want to publicly throw it up here and it’s fine if you don’t add it, I think.

Finally, if you want to nominate me for one of my other stories this year – please, feel free to do so! I just picked the two above because I thought they were personally my best. I am more than happy for you to disagree with me.



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